My Business Is About Going The Extra Mile For You!


Gibby Wesolowski took his son Mike to work at 10 years of age,  teaching him the mastery of meticulous carpet installation in this mom and pop family carpet business. (Visit My Father's page, Gibby Wesolowski, master carpet installer for 40 years and World Champion Pitcher inducted into the Hall of Fame). This training and work included hand sewing Axminster wool and tufted nylon carpet, furniture manipulation and detailed carpet installation with an uncompromising work ethic. On Mike's 16th birthday he left high school to gain experience building experimental automotive, aircraft parts and renewable energy systems and then Mike was awarded a grant and scholarship to college with only a 1/2 year of high school and a GED.  At college Mike worked part time to turn a local furniture store into a huge flourishing carpet store business. While at college Mike's flooring expertise expanded to installing other flooring materials such as lino & wood while graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Technology and also specializing in Indoor Air Quality in relation to public health. Mike can quickly identify indoor air contaminants such as mold, mildew, bacteria and off-gassing from carpet and padding, including pet damage and water damage that contribute to health problems and  he can remediate those health threats to produce a healthy indoor environment. Mike has installed woven wool and nylon carpets, lino and Amtico luxury vinyl on Motor Yachts of the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas as well as residences and mansions of Palm Beach to the Florida Keys, from Boston to British Columbia. Mike was selected from among 400 carpet repair guys across the country for his creative carpet repair abilities to restore carpet in entire The San Francisco Bay Area. Carpet Cleaning companies use Mike for his vast carpet repair skills when working with complex patterns matching, expensive carpet repair and complex re stretching. Mike serves customers in the Tri-Valley Area of CA.. Mike specializes in woven carpet repairs such as: Axminster and Wilton Wool, Fabrica, Mazland and tufted carpet patch and re stretch work, permanent wrinkle removal, custom stairways; spirals, wraps, custom auto to yacht carpet and templates.