The "Floridian" is a motor yacht that the Carpetologist has installed carpet on and deserving of special mention for it's owner Wayne Huizenga, the proprietor of Waste Management, Auto Nation, Blockbuster Video, Swisher Hygiene, Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers and the Miami Marlins.

All customers are treated special though "Best Customer Awards" are sometimes given to outstanding customers who have displayed exemplary qualities such as: good mood during complex carpet surgery; friendly hospitality and just being among the wonderful people the Carpetologist has had the privilege to meet and serve.

Best Customer Awards

The "White Cloud" motor yacht is a 222 ft. long with a swimming pool and helicopter. Carpetologist Mike has repaired and installed carpet and other floor coverings on this yacht and it is deserving of special mention.

The yacht "Moonraker" was in the James Bond movie "Moonraker". It had a jet turbine engine. The Carpetologist enjoyed doing special carpet work on the Moonraker.

Josh & Anna Gorska Hogan recently eanred the "Best Customer Award"... for their overall good nature as well as their amazing recent journey across Africa on a motorcycle and quads. They're in the Guinness Book of World on the photo above to visit their website and find out more about this remarkable couple!

The  "Cakewalk" motor yacht is a 280 ft. yacht that the Carpetologist was called in to repair carpet the carpet.