​​​​​​"On Sept 14, 2014, Mike performed an exceptional carpet stretching and repair work at my family's home. Not only did he explain what needed to be done, he shared his knowledge about carpet care! He planned out the work, does an amazing job, and was on time. Pricing was very reasonable! Will contact for Mike again, if the need arises!If you're looking for excellent service and a flexible schedule to meet your needs, contact Mike. He is an expert! You will not be disappointed".

​8/9/2014 "Last week I had a customer in Roosmoor with bad seems in her carpet.  One seem was coming apart and the other three just looked bad.  All the carpet repair guys were not able to fix the carpet until I  found Mike.  Well, to make a long story short,  the carpet looks great and he will always be my carpet repair specialist.   Mike is truly the most friendly and best repair guy in the country!!!"

​8/6/2014 "I have to say that Mike is incredible.  I have been in the carpet cleaning business for 29 years and just retired.   My friend had some carpet that was very damaged and  I could not fix this mess,  so I called some companies and  all would  or could not do the job.  Finally I called Mike and he assured me he could fix the problem and he did not even see what had to be done.   Sure enough, he had no problem fixing the carpet.   I must say the carpet looks fantastic!!!   GREAT JOB MIKE!!!!!!!!!"

7/8/2014 "I am a real estate agent who found out about Mike when he did a repair for my client whose home I had just sold.  Her expensive Wilton carpet had a small hole and slit where the wiring for her computer was routed from underneath her desk. Once the desk was removed, she didn't want to have damaged carpet for the new owners.  She was incredibly impressed w/Mike's work.  She took 'before' and 'after' pictures and was hard pressed to even find where the damage had been. With her glowing review, I had Mike to my own home where he did an excellent repair on my Mohawk plush carpet where I had a permanent stain.  Once again, the repair was so excellent that you would never know there was a patch. Mike was prompt with setting up the appointment, he arrived on time and took his time to make a meticulous repair for my client and for me.  I would recommend him without hesitation for his true artistry with carpet repair!"

​12/19/2014 "You know how Cesar Millan is the "dog whisperer" and that dude from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" who wasn't Butch Cassidy was the "horse whisperer"?  Mike Wesolowski is almost assuredly the "Carpet Whisperer."
A leaky pipe created a squishy swamp near my bedroom door and the water damage recovery had to tear up a bunch of carpet and padding to dry everything.  I hired a carpet cleaning/repair combo shop to put my carpet back into place, thinking that it would be convenient for a lazy person such as myself to have both the carpet repaired and cleaned of all the mud tracked in by the previous water damage repair contractors.  The cleaning went ok, but parts of the repair looked like a second-grade macaroni art project.  (No offense meant to any second graders looking for carpet repairs who are reading this.)  The carpet looked worse than if nothing have been done to it.
After doing a bit more research, It turns out that, despite having little to no expertise, a lot of carpet cleaning companies are advertising that they can do carpet repair, because it can be pretty profitable ($_$) ; many of them have a certification that requires a ONE DAY class.  That's like saying I can operate the Stanford Linear Accelerator because I own a t-shirt with an atom drawn on it (well, maybe if I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before).  So in general, it's a bad idea to use a carpet cleaner to do carpet repair.
Panicked, I found and called Carpetologist.  Carpetologist is relatively new (though Mike has decades of experience), so it doesn't have much business yet (but it really deserves to have a ton).  Mike was able to schedule me for the following day.  He came out, took a look, quoted a reasonable price (especially for the quality of work), and got busy.  Then MAGIC!  I see one of those Looney Tunes fight cloud (Mike vs. the carpet) and hear some clamping, stretching, hammering, stapling, and gluing.  A few hours later, voila, the carpet is perfect.  I can't even find any seams"..

12/21/2014 "There's a reason why all these reviews are 5-star. Ask for Mike W.  He's the best we've ever worked with, and I've been using carpet services for many years.  He treats your home/apartment as if it was his own, and delivers the service with scientific precision (I really mean it), so the job is done right the first time to his own high standards.  Mike spent several hours at one of my places, and "went the extra yard" so to speak, to ensure that the patchwork was visibly seamless, and that the carpet was properly stretched (which is good to prevent your elders from tripping over "carpet bumps").  I would hire Mike again in an instant.  He's excellent!!"

​​​"I cannot emphasize how much I am satisfied with Mike's superb experience and craftsmanship! Solved my problem with almost a foot bleach spot stain in my carpet that my landlord is accusing me of property damage. The work is just artistic, I cannot spot the difference. The best service experience!"

"I saved over $1600!!! MUCH CHEAPER than replacing your carpet!!"

"Great customer service, professional, friendly, an overall terrific experience! Thank you!!"

"I had an area about 3"x5" that was shredded....I decided to call. Since I was not going to be available the rest of the week, I asked for an appt for next week and he said "what about today?"...Today? Who says THAT? Yes, today would work great. So, Mike (who everyone raves about) came out at about 4:30. I was sure to have identified the location from where he would take the patch carpet, but alas, he did something better. He did take the patch from where I said (the closet) but then replaced the closet carpet with a whole new strip he had in his truck! So, I have a patched area that you can't even see it was blended so well - and on worn carpet too - it's just amazing, I can't stop talking about it - but then I don't have a "hidden hole" elsewhere!

"I want to thank Mike so much for the great work he does".

"After my husky decided to use my carpet as his new chew toy, I was in need of some carpet repair. The scope of the job was about a 2in by 5in patch. 
 I called and was able to get an appointment that same week. Mike, the service man came out, was friendly and knew what he was doing. He quoted me $200 for the job and was able to do it right there and then. The best part of the story is the great customer service that came after. I had noticed a little patch of carpet bubble up resulting from the repair job. I emailed the company about it and Mike called me a few minutes later. We set up a time for him to come out and he was able to fix it with no hassle. I will definitely use this company again".

"OK.... must admit this guy is really good.   I thought my carpet was a goner.   Four cats and a destroyed carpet at every door in the house.  I was ready to replace all the carpet throughout the house when a friend told me about Mike.    Ahhh what the heck, I call him and WOW...   the carpet looks great!!!   Thank you MIKE! "


"I want to keep this nice and simple.
*Mike is a pro!
*Mike fit us into his schedule last minute.
*Mike is so good that he knew he could fix our carpet just from a picture I texted him.
*Mike made our berber carpet look brand new after our puppy had some fun with it.
*Mike took his time & made sure we were happy with his work.
*Mike was easy to talk to.
*Mike was very entertaining.
I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs help with their carpet.  He has great customer service skills and works wonders on carpet.  I will be keeping his number incase our puppy decides that the carpet is a toy again.
**Hint:  If installing new carpet, keep extra pieces just in case**"


"Mike is absolutely amazing. People refer to him as the carpet whisperer. I would have to agree. He is also the Picasso of carpet repair.
We had a older carpet that had several large ripples because it wasn't installed properly years ago. We also have 2 cats that have favorite spots they have turned into scratching posts and pulled apart.. I wasn't sure there was anything that could be done. Mike came to our house and showed up on time with a big smile and all of his special tools in hand. 
We showed him the problem areas and explained that we would be happy with any improvement he could make. The ripples were so large and we let it go for so long, I wasn't expecting miracles. But low and behold, Mike performed a miracle. The ripples were gone and the areas where the cats had pulled out the carpet were filled in as if no damage was ever there.
Mike saved us so much time and money, by repairing our carpet. We were on the fence about getting new carpet, which would have been a huge hassle for us .
We hung out some of the time while Mike worked and shared great stories of travels and his decades of experience, working with carpet. Mike is an absolute delight.
We were blown away by Mikes skill and knowledge of carpet repair.  He is a true craftsmen.
If you want the very best, Mike is your guy. His prices are very reasonable and he is friendly and professional."